School Readiness

Wiggles and Giggles, Wentworthville. strive to help children to become socially and developmentally prepared for transition to school. We work with children at levels that are appropriate to their age, and enable children to develop and learn, gaining social competency and skills.

Being ready for school is about being emotionally and socially ready for school. It is about being confident to engage with others, being confident to take part, being confident to separate from parents and being enthusiastic about learning. While conceptual knowledge can be a bonus, children don’t need to know the alphabet back to front or be able to count to 100 to start school. What we know is that if your well-being is catered for and you are happy for much of the time then, your prospects for learning are much better off. School will build on the skills they have gained in the early years.

However, Wiggles and Giggles, Wentworthville does incorporate school readiness skills on a daily basis in to the environment enabling children to engage themselves in school readiness skills in an interactive manner that meets the necessary social and emotional guidelines to ensure a smooth transition to school.

Our programme includes areas such as-

Physical health and well-being – This area encourages children in developing the ability to run, jump, control a pencil and cut with scissors. We also focus on helping your child concentrate on activities. We believe the key to achieving this is by providing activities that interest each individual child.

Social Competence – We encourage children to listen to instructions and carry them out independently. Children are also encouraged to become aware of how their own behaviour impacts on others. Self-confidence and the ability to be willing to try new tasks are important during transition to school. Our programmes support children to try out new tasks while building on their resilience.

Emotional Maturity – The ability to be able to take turns and engage in cooperative activities is a key preparation for school. Our educators encourage this and help children build the necessary skills which can allow then to do things like entering a group of playing children. We also feel it is of paramount importance that children are supported to control their own emotions such as anger or frustration helping them stop and think before deciding how to act.

Communication skills and General Knowledge – At Wiggles and Giggles, Wentworthville we encourage children to communicate one’s own needs from the infant room right up to the preschool room. All children are supported to engage in conversations with the educators in turn helping them to gain the ability to form simple sentences together. Our programmes are also designed to engage children in activities that help them understand the world they live in.

Language and Cognitive Development – Children begin to start making meaning of language at an early stage. We foster this ability by exposing your child to a range of various texts. The children are supported to gain meaning of these texts and begin to start using language symbolically to represent remote or even imaginary events. At Wiggles and Giggles children are also supported to understand concepts of early numeracy and understanding the categorisation of colours and shapes.