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Our Philosophy

At Wiggles and Giggles long day care Centre we believe in providing a safe happy and nurturing environment in which children are able to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

We focus on creating a natural environment while introducing children to concepts of sustainability where we can facilitate respect and care for the environment.

We encourage families to play an active role in their children’s development and learning while sharing their culture, language and experiences. We aim to have our families participate in the Centre’s events and decision making.

We believe that children should be treated with equality and their cultural diversity be embraced and acknowledged while encouraging them to accept diversity and learn from everyone around them.

We strive to work as a team, collaboratively with educators and staff members to enhance children’s learning and development, while regularly updating their skills and knowledge through formal and informal development.

We aim to provide a diverse program using the Early Years Learning Framework as a guide that focuses on both group and individual needs. Our program covers the areas of language, cognitive, social/emotional, fine motor and gross motor development as well as information technology.

Our Approach

We believe in building and forming a relationship with your child to help instill a sense of belonging to the Wiggles and Giggles community. It is important that we also work in partnership with you to ensure the best care possible.

To achieve this we hope to make you feel welcomed, recognised, acknowledged and respected at all times by all our staff. We hope to ensure your child feels he/she is really cared for as opposed to being looked after. We feel it is important that we know your child and build a strong partnership in this journey.

We strive to assist you in your role by making information about what is occurring available to you. Your views will always be welcome. We hope to ensure we appreciate each family and child as individuals and adapt to their varying needs.

We believe in providing a safe, caring, social, stimulating learning environment which fosters creative teaching methods which focus on play and communication as the basis of our approach.

Our programme is based upon the Early Years Learning Framework and its practices. We strive to have all our staff up to date in current early childhood practices.

We welcome families from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds and respect diversity which in turn supports children to learn to respect the differences in cultures.

Wiggles and Giggles, Wentworthville. incorporates school readiness skills on a daily basis in to the environment enabling children to engage themselves in school readiness skills in an engaging manner that meets the necessary social and emotional guidelines to ensure a smooth transition to school

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Physical Activity

Our Curriculum
Our programs are age / stage appropriate in terms of development


School Readiness
Being ready for school is about emotionally and socially ready for school


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